Design: PS-1 Isolation Suit

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Phillipino team Mich Dulche, Kendi Maristela AJ Dimarucot, & Lea Empalmado developed these patterns and tech pack based on an actual isolation suit used by their front liners.

Download local files:

Original post: March 25 at 2:16 AM

Our protective suit now the first medically reviewed open source gown design by Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies headed by Gui Cavalcanti in Berkeley, California.

“We are excited to announce that we have our first medically-reviewed open source suit design!!! The Open Source Medical Supplies medical team has reviewed this suit design, and suggests you make it out of the Tyvek 1433R (i.e. thin and flexible covering) you would find in any hardware store.

Mich Dulce and her team in Manila reverse engineered an existing isolation suit design, turned it into a pattern, and created an instructional PDF on how to make it. Alex Crease from Boston created DXF files for machine cutting, which will be posted in their repository soon.

Their fabrication package can be found here:

Original post:

Finally! Here’s our first Protective Suit Pattern, in size L. Thank you for your patience. This is an actual replica of the suit lent to us by the Office Of The Vice President. Thank you VP Leni Gerona Robredo!!!!

Link to download Full scale PDF Patterns and PDF version of techpack here:

As you can see, there are minimal seams in this pattern. Sewing seams make the garment more permeable because of needle holes. Please read through the techpack for full construction details based on what kind of machine you have accessible. These recommendations are here to try and get it to be the best as we can despite it being a non medical grade suit. The less seams the better!

Please note that while we have done our best to make it as impermeable as possible, these suits are not medical grade, but still can be used by other hospital workers and staff who don’t necessarily come in direct contact with patients. This is why we are emphasizing the centralizing of the suits for distribution via Manila Protective Gear Sewing Club’s initiative with the Office Of The Vice President so that they are delivered with the transparency that these are not medical grade suits and can be distributed accordingly.

Cheer cheer CHEER!! for our team: the amazing superwoman Kendi Maristela who made this brilliant tech pack, Lea Empalmado for the pattern and AJ Dimarucot for digitizing it actual size!! 🤯. And many thanks to the OVP for lending us the suit and being our distribution partner.

Hope this is useful to everyone trying to make suits !! Lets make them the best quality we can.

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