How to add a product!

Details on how to add a product.

  1. Sign up as a vendor. You need to be an approved registered vendor to add products. Sign up by following this link.
  2. Once you are approved as a vendor, click on the link in your welcome email to log in and set a password. If you didn’t receive an email within a few minutes of registering, please check your spam email. Note: email may warn it could be a phishing attempt. This is because it’s generated automatically by the website. You can ignore this warning.
arrow points to link to click, to set your password

3. Once you are logged in, you will see information about your account. Click the “Vendor Dashboard” button to access the section where you can add a product.

red circle shows the Vendor Dashboard button

4. To add a product, click “Products” on the left side of the Vendor Dashboard

products link on Vendor Dashboard

5. Click “Add New”

click Add New to add a new product

6. Start entering the product information.

The fields you will need to enter are:

  • Product name
  • Description
  • Product Category (checkbox on the right)
  • Product Image (and additional photos for the Product Gallery, if desired)
  • Product Data (price, inventory, shipping size, and attributes like color if desired).

The critical parts of these are to enter a name, a description or a photo, and to put a price. Even if that price is $0.00. We strongly recommend setting your inventory quantity to a manageable number, so you don’t get overwhelmed with requests.

Product name. The webpage for the product will be generated from what you type here.
The Product Description
click a box to select a product category. This is how people will find your item, so please choose the category where they will look for it!
Click to set the product image.
Click the upper left tab to add a new photo
once you upload your image, click the button on the lower right side, to Set product image.
These are the important product data to enter. Click each one to enter the value.
We strongly recommend you limit your inventory, to prevent becoming overwhelmed. Otherwise someone could order 1000 of your items at once. Consider how much materials you have on hand, and how much time it takes to make your products. Maybe start by setting your inventory to just the amount you already have on hand, or can produce in 1 day.
By setting the shipping weight/dimensions, you can take advantage of the shipping calculator built into the side, and collect shipping costs directly from the buyer. This saves you back-and-forth discussion time.
The “Attributes” section allows you to add special options to your item, like color or size. Then the buyer can select these options when they choose the item. We recommend -NOT- setting attributes until you are comfortable with entering products and using this website. If you feel comfortable and want to add options to your product, search the internet for “Woocommerce Attributes” to learn how to use this tool.

Bonus: adding gallery images. If you have additional images you can add them to the product listing.

Click “Add product gallery images” to add more images of your items.

Finally you can submit your product. Go back to the top of the page and on the upper right hand side, click the blue button that says, “Submit for Review”. A site administrator will check your item, and then can approve it if the data looks good and it is approved for inclusion in the site.

Once you’ve entered the data, “Submit for Review”. A site administrator will check your product, make sure the data is entered the way it needs to be, then approve your item!

Once you click Submit, you will be taken to your Products page. You will see a list of your current products and their status. You can view, edit and remove your products from this page. You can also add a new product directly from this pagy by clicking the “Add New” button at the top.

The Products page. Note that “My Face Mask!” is marked Pending. That means it is waiting for administrator approval before it is live.

Once your product is approved, the “Pending” will be removed.

approved product, is now live.

Congratulations, you made it through the product posting instructions! Keep an eye on your email to see when someone orders your product.

Bonus: there are sharing links on the product page to make it easier for you to share your item. Also, when you are logged in, there is a small “Edit” link below the sharing links. That is a quick link for you to edit your product. Click that and it will take you directly to the product editing screen.

Sharing and quick Edit links for a product. The “Edit” link only shows up if you are logged into your vendor account.